Winter in Lofoten

During November-December we get winter in Lofoten. The archipelago has a lot to offer at this time of the year, and many believe that Lofoten is most beautiful to experience during winter.

The Polar Nights in the Lofoten Islands

The sun hides below the horizon from early December to early January, which leaves us with just under 4 weeks of darkness. The exact date when the polar nights begin will vary depending on where you are in Lofoten. In Svolvær you can experience the polar night from the 7th of December to the 5th of January. Many people think the polar night means that it is dark all day, but that is not the case. Due to the twilight effect, there is quite a lot of light in the middle of the day, it can often be experienced as blue light and are often called the "blue hour". It is also possible on clear days to experience sunset colors on the horizon in the south.

Advent in Lofoten

A visit to Lofoten before Christmas will give you peace and calm, and you can truly enjoy the Christmas shopping. Lofoten has many charming shops and local artisans to explore. We recommend visiting “Førjulseventyret” in Henningsvær, which directly translates to “pre-Christmas adventure”, where all of Henningsvær turns into a Christmas Market. Here you can enjoy cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for your break in between shopping in cute little shops and strolling in the many small galleries in the fishing village. This year's Førhjulseventyr begins on the 4th of November and lasts until the 18th of December. Read more about the festive season in Lofoten here.

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Ski Touring in the Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is a paradise for ski touring! The best mountain peaks to climb in the Lofoten Islands are to be found in a short distance from Svinøya. At Svinøya Rorbuer, we have the local knowledge of the best tours and offer experienced ski touring guides who can also teach avalanche courses for our guests. In the Lofoten Islands, you can experience the legendary Lofoten fishing and a raw ski tour on the same day. The season for ski touring lasts until the end of May (depending on snow conditions). Read more about ski touring in Lofoten here.

Lofoten Fishing

At the same time as the sun returns after the polar nights and creates a magical morning light, we get ready for the legendary Lofoten fishing. From January to mid-April, one of the world's wonders takes place in Lofoten. The cod returns from the Barents Sea to its birthplace, the coast of Lofoten, to spawn. It is during this period that you can fish large quantities of cod and if you are lucky you can get cod over 30kg. Read more about Lofoten fishing here.

Lofoten Fishery

The magical Northern Lights

Did you know that Lofoten is one of the world's best northern lights destinations? People come from all over the world traveling to Lofoten to experience this light phenomenon. Lofoten's location and lines of sight allow us to see the northern lights in all directions. In addition, the location also offers a very long northern lights season lasting from 20 August to mid-April. Read more about why Lofoten is among the world's best places to experience the northern lights here.

Easter holiday in Lofoten

In the transition between winter and spring, our norwegian Easter holiday takes place. This is a great time to spend with family and friends in Lofoten, where you can experience much of the best Lofoten has to offer. In Svolvær and Kabelvåg there are good trails for those who want to go skiing. There are also many opportunities for skiing in the mountains. Ask a local to find a trail that suits your level and your desires. Easter is also a perfect time to experience Lofoten fishing and ski mountaineering on the same day. The Easter holiday in 2021 is from Monday 29 March to Monday 5 April.

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