Lofoten Exclusive and unique accomodation in a historic setting

The Exclusive and unique Manor House on the island of Svinøya in Lofoten has weathered every season of the year since 1828. This soon to be 200 year old main building is now available for overnight accommodation and social functions as the very ‘jewel in the crown’ at Svinøya Rorbuer.

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Sleep well in the Manor House

The beds in The Manor House are heavenly.

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Welcome to enter The Manor House.

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The Manor House Dining Room

Seats up to 30 persons for dinner.

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The Manor House Sauna

The Manor House has its own sauna with a fantastic view of the sea.

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A journey back in time

Exclusive overnight accommodation and function rooms

Summer, winter, autumn and spring, the Manor House on the island of Svinøya has weathered every season of the year since 1828. This soon to be 200 year old main building is now available for overnight accommodation and functions as the very ‘jewel in the crown’ at Svinøya Rorbuer.

Svinøya Rorbuer is a conglomeration of cultural-history. We offer accommodation in the same cabins that the fishermen used to stay in during the traditional Lofoten fishery. Our renowned and reputable restaurant, Børsen, is located in the quayside buildings that the squire had built in 1828. Our reception desk, where you check in and out, is located in the old general store. On these premises, where in bygone times the fishermen could buy practically everything they needed, we now hand out keys and recount the local history to guests from all over the world.

The Manor House has become a unique and integral part of both the business and our presentation of cultural history at Svinøya Rorbuer - 191 years after it was built. Just before Christmas 2019, the first guests were welcomed to the Manor House as it emerged with its new, yet time-honoured look. Entering the Manor House through the double doors at the centre of the building’s façade is a journey back in time.

It was fifth generation, John Berg, who started up the Svinøya Rorbuer resort and gradually the Børsen restaurant in the early 1990s. Many of the buildings were in a poor state of repair, having been vacant for several decades. The fishing vessels had grown in size, and the fishermen had long since begun to sleep on board instead of in the so-called rorbu cabins on land. John Berg fought against the desire to demolish the buildings and decided instead to take on the job of preserving them.

The Manor House has been in continual use since the beginning, but was sold by the Berg family in the 1950s. Chief of Police Waldahl and his descendants owned the building up until Svinøya Rorbuer bought it back in 2017.

Svinøya Rorbuer was founded on the basis of the activities established on Svinøya by Gunnar Berg in 1832. The circle is now complete, with the Manor House becoming an integral part of Svinøya Rorbuer’s product. All the historical buildings on Svinøya have now been incorporated into the business.

The Manor House has altogether 17 sleeping accommodations, in addition to two rooms in the Storehouse (Stabburet). The Storehouse played a central role in the lives of the many generations at Svinøya. The storehouse bell was used to ring in mealtimes at the Manor House, and then work would pause for a while. The inhabitants of the buildings around the Manor House paid heed to the ringing of the bell, serving meals to the hosts and functionaries.

View from Gunnar Berg`s studio, 1890

The Manor House is only available for hire as one single unit. It is suitable for corporate outings, seminars, courses, teambuilding or for families/groups seeking a unique setting for their stay in Lofoten.

Overnight stays at the Manor House may be either self-catering or based on meals at the Børsen restaurant. A third option is a total package where accommodation at the Manor House is included as one of several elements. In collaboration with our guests or their representatives, we can tailor arrangements where Svinøya Rorbuer provides hosting staff, chefs, drivers, guides, etc. We can also compile unique packages with adventures at various locations in our fantastic island realm.

The Børsen Restaurant is situated directly opposite the Manor House and serves delicious breakfasts on a daily basis. Lunch is also available to groups. In the evenings dinner is served, with stockfish as the house speciality.

Svinøya Rorbuer offers meeting rooms of various sizes, all of which are within 50 metres of the main entrance to the Manor House. The biggest meeting room, “The Gallery”, can accommodate 120 people. Svinøya Rorbuer has sleeping accommodations for altogether 230 people.

The Manor House with Børsen, 1900

The pavilion in the Manor House garden was completed in time for the wedding between Lars Berg and Louise Johnsen in the summer of 1862 and still stands there today. It has now been joined by another building: On the opening of the Manor House for overnight accommodation and social functions in 2019, a sauna was built with large windows overlooking the Vestfjord. It includes a lavatory and cloakroom. Outside there is a paved area so that guests can really get to grips with the elements – and if you go from the warmth of the sauna down to the shore and out into the Vestfjord, you have taken what we at Svinøya call the Lofoten Spa treatment.

When Gunnar Berg bought half of Svolvær from his brother-in-law and settled down on Svinøya in the late 1820s, the building of the Manor House was one of the first things he put into effect. The family needed a place to live and were in a hurry to get it built. Gunnar Berg was the son of the senior rector of Ibestad parish and grew up on a farm just outside Harstad. Today, he would have been called a handyman, having himself taken part in the building of the Manor House.

Ola Skjeseth worked together with John Berg on Svinøya since the resort was established. In 2008, he took over the historical buildings and the running of the resort. Just as Gunnar Berg took part in the building process, Skjeseth has worked full-time on the renovation and preservation of the Manor House during the period from 2017-2019.

The result is an assortment of unique overnight accommodations and reception rooms. The long table seats 18 people, but the layout of the lounge allows a combination of long and round tables, thus accommodating 30 people who may then be served meals from the Manor House kitchen.

The Manor House is only available for rent by prior arrangment.

Please contact Ragnar Palsson, by phone or email for further details about The Manor House

tel: +905 96 663 E-mail: ragnar@svinoya.no

Welcome to our world filled with history, culture, local food and great experiences!