Summer in the Lofoten Islands

In summer, Lofoten is perhaps one of the most beautiful places you can experience in Norway. The archipelago is known for its magnificent scenery with pointy mountain peaks rising from the ocean, its lush cultural landscape, chalk-white sand beaches, fjords, and friendly people.

If you love spectacular scenery and experiences, we can guarantee that the Lofoten Islands will have a summer adventure suitable for you.


Hikes and Climbs / Hiking and Climbing 

Hiking in the summer is always a wonderful experience. The mountains are easily accessible and there are routes for all levels. Despite which hike you choose, you are certain to receive a breathtaking view en route. If you’d like to be on top of the most spectacular peaks but this is all new to you, we do recommend you have a certified mountain guide take part in your tour. Check out Svinøya Rorbuer’s favorite hikes here.

Hiking in Svolvær
Photo: Kristin Folsland

If climbing is your thing, Lofoten is perfect. One of the most popular routes is just before you reach Henningsvær, at Festvåg. Here you will for sure find like minded people enjoying themselves with opportunities for both climbing and bouldering. There is also the possibility to take part in organized courses and guided climbing tours if you’re not so experienced. If you’d like to try something completely extraordinary this summer, you should take the jump at Svolværgeita! Several local guides will offer to take you, and there is no need for any experience in climbing. However, you should not be scared of the altitude because this is a very airy experience. 

Jump on Svolvær goat
Photo: Geir Rune Holm

Enjoy the Midnight Sun

In the Lofoten Islands, the sun doesn’t set from approximately May 28 - July 14. The midnight can be experienced with your nose facing north on the outside of Lofoten. Good examples are Laukvik, Gimsøy, Uttakleiv, Ramberg, or one of the many majestic mountain peaks.

Midnight sun in Lofoten

Sea Kayaking

Whether you’re completely new to term kayaking or can call yourself an expert, the Lofoten Islands is an eldorado for the best kayaking experiences. If you already are the proud owner of a Wet Card, you can rent a kayak and explore on your own, otherwise, there are organized tours with professional guides you can take part in. Or why not use your summer holiday attending a kayak course? Read more about the experience of kayaking here.

Kayaking in Lofoten
Photo: Andrea Mühleck


Fishing in the Lofotens is always popular. You can rent your own boat with equipment or join organized fishing trips with a locally known fishing guide. The latter will most likely increase the chances for the fish to bite the hook! 

Lofotenfishing in Summer

Trollfjord and Sea Eagle RIB Safari

Trollfjord and Sea Eagle Safari from Svolvær is a must. It is a magical experience where there are high chances of seeing the sea eagle up close while cruising along Lofoten’s coast. 

Trollfjord and Sea Eagle RIB Safari
Photo: Tommy Simonsen

Play golf in scenic surroundings

In Lofoten, on the north side of Gimsøy, you can find what is perhaps Europe’s most spectacular 18 hole golf course. Lofoten Links has received international recognition from all around and has been warmly mentioned in the book “Planet Golf”. How about a round of golf whilst the midnight sun is spreading its golden light over you? That’s what you call a special experience and will for sure create a memory of a lifetime. 

Golf in Lofoten
Photo: Mickael Tannus

Surf the waves surrounded by spectacular scenery

Surfing at Unstad is a fun and popular activity suitable for youngsters as well as the ones young at heart! Although the sea is crystal clear and the sand chalky white, the water temperature is not very warm so a wetsuit is needed. The wet suit will allow you to enjoy your time in the sea together with a skilled surfer instructor and the surfboard. A wet experience guaranteed to give you a sense of achievement and a lot of laughter. 

Surfing in Lofoten
Photo: Unstad Arctic Surf

Horse riding on Gimsøya

Do you like horses? Or perhaps you’ve never tried horseback riding before? The Lofoten Islands have great opportunities for this as well. At Gimsøya, scenic views along the white beaches on the back of Icelandic horses are suitable for both beginners and more experienced riders. A guide will be with you throughout. How about a ride in the golden light from the midnight sun? Guaranteed to give you magical feels. 

Horse riding on Gimsøya
Photo: Kristin Folsland

Roadtrip in Lofoten

The Lofoten Islands is perfect for a summer road trip. You can actually experience the whole of Lofoten in just one day! From Svolvær to Å, which is at the tip of the archipelago, it only takes 2,5 hours by car. There is an incredible number of beautiful spots to stop at along the way and you will have many opportunities to fill your camera roll with wonderful pictures of the stunning scenery. Feel free to ask hosts in the reception of Svinøya for suggestions before you hit the road. 

Roadtrip in Lofoten
Photo: Reidar Hernes

Stay in a Rorbu in Lofoten  

It is almost mandatory to stay in a rorbu when you visit the Lofoten Islands. It provides you with the baseline of a characteristic stay with charm. It was inside these red nostalgic cabins the fishermen lived in when they came to Lofoten for the fishing season. Up to 16 people could stay in one cabin. The traditional fishermen cabins have been restored to match today’s high standard, but the old craft and timber have been retained to give the feeling of what a rorbu was back in the day when the fishermen rowed the Lofoten with oars and sails! There is nothing better than enjoying the tranquility and the views from your own rorbu after a long day of exploring the Lofoten Islands. 

Svinøya Rorbuer in Svolvær

At Svinøya Rorbuer in Svolvær, the red fishermen cabins are idyllically situated amongst fisheries, quays, fish racks, and the homes of the locals on the island. You can read more about our accommodation here