Sea Kayaking in Lofoten

To paddle a kayak is a delightful and peaceful experience.

Sea kaykak in Lofoten

The history of Lofoten is written in ocean blue..

From the migration of the vikings to the peaks of cod fishing - the sea is, and always have been, the center stage of history here. That’s why there is no better way to experience these magical islands than to become a seafarer.

Why not explore from a kayak?

It's early morning and the sun is already blazing through the windows at Børsen Spiseri. It's the oldest house in Svolvær, the place where the seafarers would come and buy groceries. “If only walls could talk” I think as I sip my morning coffee and a growing excitement is rising within me. I have just made the decision to go sea kayaking in Lofoten.

To be honest, I feel quite nervous.
This will be my first time kayaking and the arctic ocean has a certain sound to it. Just half an hour later, the guide is waiting for me in the reception. Seeing his smile made my worries disappear. His whole demeanor emanates that we have something great ahead of us. And truth be told, this was the most fantastic and marvelous adventure I've ever had. A day that I will think back on for years to come.

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Therapy and peace of mind

To paddle a kayak is a delightful and peaceful experience.

Perfectly balanced on the ocean mirror. Right where the turquoise blue sea meets the fresh arctic air. It is so quiet. The sound of my paddle mixes gently with the song of seagulls. With each paddle stroke I feel more comfortable and at ease.

To float here - in the most important stretch of sea in Norwegian History.

Lofoten has a detailed richness that is best observed in slow motion.
There is just so much to see. One moment there is a shoal of coldfish gliding below me, the next a jellyfish is hovering closeby. I'm observing how the seaweed is swaying rhythmically in the tidal current. Above me there are two sea Eagles circelling.

I almost can't believe this is true.. It's like floating into a Monét painting with Vivaldi playing the background music. I allow myself to “zone” out for a bit.. Forgetting time, place and workloads..

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Foto: Kristian Louis Jensen

New knowledge and stories

The gentle sound of the guide's voice wakes me up.

On the sea there is a fragile balance between silence and storytelling. Now is a great time to listen to some of the local history. The stories are served to me in small delightful portions.

The gulf stream brings enormous amounts of nutrients, nourishing the biggest cod family of the world. Not only that, the arctic winter and spring temperatures are such that you can dry the fish. Just imagine the value of fish proteins that don't turn sour. Lofoten has the world's 3rd largest coral reef and a truly incredible array of life in the sea. Kayaking through it in it makes me understand just how special this ocean is and how lucky I am to be here.

Do I find the mountains particularly beautiful? I've have never laid eyes on such captivating mountains before so the answer is “Yes!”

The rock itself is ancient - mostly archaic Granite. Some up to 2,6 billion years old. And during the last ice age. Lofoten had great “luck” The gulf stream heated and melted the ice sheet on its way here. So that these islands only had a thin layer of ice. That preserved it's mountains. That's why they look so majestic.

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Photo: Kristian Louis Jensen

The guide made me feel safe from the very first moment in the kayak.
They are professional and answered all my questions with patience and understanding.

On the ocean they gave me the space to explore in my own pace. When fine details were missed by my untrained eye - they pointed out the beauty and wonder. I am forever grateful for everything I learned on this day on the Lofoten sea.

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Photo: Helene Skåtøy

In short, if you are lucky enough to be in Lofoten on a day with little wind.