Modern Rorbu cabins with long traditions

This is Lofoten`s most complete resort for those who want comfort combined with historic surroundings. Svinøya Rorbuer is centrally situated in Svolvær harbor in Lofoten. The island is accassible by a bridge and is within easy walking distance of the city center.

All of the original and the more recently built rorbu cabins are of high standard. Each cabin has one to three double bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen with a lounge, and modern bathroom with shower and toilet.

Considerable emphasis has been placed on maintaining the authenticity of the rorbu cabins. The timber and time-honoured craftmanship have been preserved to convey the feeling of what a rorbu cabin was like in the old days, when the fishermen harvested the seas of Lofoten with the help of oar and sail. The rorbu cabins are idyllically located between the fish landing station, quayside buildings, fish racks, and other traditional, local buildings. There is the sea on one side, and the spectacular Lofoten mountains on the other.

The fisheries are still of primary importance to the region, and the Lofoten Cod Fishery has always formed the basis of existence for the people here. Having the opportunity to observe these activities at close quarters in Svinøya is an experience in its own right.

There is Børsen Spiseri Restaurant, for those who enjoy good food. The Gunnar Berg (1863-1893) Gallery. Old-fashioned general store from 1828, still intact. At our resort you get the best selection of activities. Tailor-made Lofoten adventures. Open all year round. 1,2 km from Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage and express passenger boat docks. 3,5 km from Svolvær Airport. The airport bus has daily departures from Svinøya to and from Evenes Airport.


Svolvær is the administrative center of Vågan Municipality (9,200 inhabitants) in Lofoten, Nordland County, Norway. Svolvær is a transport hub and a good starting point for tourists visiting the area. Many artists have been inspired by the unique light in Lofoten, and there are many artists and galleries in Svolvær. Located in Lofoten on the south coast of Austvågøy, Svolvær faces the open sea to the south, and is backed by mountains immediately to the north. Svolvær is partly located on smaller islands, such as Svinøya, connected to the main island by way of the Svinøya Bridge. There is a regional airport near the town, Svolvær Airport, Helle, and Svolvær is a port of call for Hurtigruten.