Fantastic hiking trails in Lofoten - our top picks

Lofoten has countless world-class hiking trails - with so many posibilities it can be hard to choose. That's why we at Svinøya Rorbuer have made this overview of our favourite trails. In our opinion some of the finest that these magical islands can offer.

Lofoten consists of 5 primary islands that will surely take your breath away.

Here you will find inspiration to plan your own Lofoten adventure:

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Austvågøy (The island Svolvær, and Svinøya Rorbuer is)

There are great hiking trails almost everywhere on the island - but these are our favourites outside Svolvær.

1) Matmora (787 meters above sea level) is located on the “outerside” of Lofoten, meaning the westcoast that faces the big atlantic ocean. This hike is simply a marvelleous evening tour. From the hike up you will see some of the finest things that Lofoten has to offer. The beginning from Delp is a bit steep. But once you get up onto the plateau it both wide and easy from there onwards. On this tour the “the way is the goal” and you really don't need to reach the summit to catch the gorgeous view. Perhaps the finest spot to see the sunset from.

2) Glomtinden (419 meters above sea level) This is a hike that is family friendly, a treasure of a hike that everyone will enjoy. It follows an old track that was used with horse and carriage back in the days. The track is found from both sides of the tunnel but we think that the track from the Kabelvåg side is the finest. Once you get to the saddle, there is a gravel track that leads up towards the peak. The last bit up to the peak is rather steep and should only be done in dry conditions. Rather the viewpoint below the actual peak offers a great 360 panorama you will never forget.

3) Festvåg (189 meters above sea level) This hike will give you a panorama over the Lofoten wall which is breathtaking. To observe the town of Henningsvær and the mountains in good company is beyond compare. The track begins in the middle of the valley up towards the peak. We recommend taking a right when you reach the lake on the plateau. Going all the way out and gazing out there offers a wonderful view. If you want to, you can go all the way to the peak of Festvåg (541 meters above sea level)

Gimsøya (the island with the Golf course)

As a curiosity this island has the highest concentration of excavated viking settlements. If you venture here it is easy to see why; this island has a great combination of farming friendly areas and easy access to the ocean. We recommend driving the circular tour around the island. Gimsøy has miles of white sandy beaches and many spectacular sights.

1) Hoven (376 meters above sea level) This hike is suitable for the whole family and is particularly fine during the afternoon or evening light. The peak offers a wonderful 360 degrees view. This will get everyone excited because here is simply so much to see. Did you find the lake that is shaped like a heart?

2) Storknubben (599 meters above sea level) This hike starts in the valley of “Jenndalen”. Use the parking on your right side and get ready for a real hiking adventure. It is a bit long for the youngest hikers but suitable for the people who need to burn a little extra energy. Briefly said - this is a truly wonderful hike.

Vestvågøya (Lofoten`s biggest island, the one where Leknes is located)

As it is the biggest island, it provides a myriad of options. Here are our all time favourites:

1) Himmeltinden (962 meters above sea level) This should be considered as a whole day hike. On a clear day you may see all the Lofoten mountains from the summit. It is a bit long and steep for the smallest. The route up to the top is quite long but the view is really worth it. A tip is to plan enough time (approx. 5 hours) sog that you may enjoy every step of the way. The summit is the highest on the island and a great place to get “an overview” An easy alternative is to take the walk from “Haukland beach” to “Uttakleiv”. The route over the pass is an easy walk. Upon arriving at the beach you can take the coast route along the sea making this a round trip for the whole family.

2) Offersøykammen (436 meters above sea level) We think that this is Vestvågøys finest view. It has a somewhat steep beginning but once you get up onto the plateau it is an easy and enjoyable walk. A tip is to park at the end of the old road. It takes around one hour up so do not rush the steep parts.

Flakstadøya (The one across the scenic bridges)

1) Kvalvika beach A great trip for the whole family. The hiking starts directly across from the parking and is enjoyable the whole way. Enjoy the view from the saddle (168 meters above sea level) and plan enough time on the beach to explore all the fine little things. The beach is so beautiful making it hard to leave. The extra energetic people can climb all the way to the top of Ryten (534 meters above sea level).

Moskenesøya (The island Reine is located on)

1) Reinebringen (448 meters above sea level). This is probably the hike in Lofoten you find most photos from on social media. One of the reasons is that the amazing view is easily accessible for everyone. Sherpa stairs (1560 steps) have recently been made on this very popular hike. This is a great and easy hike and you will find benches to rest tired legs. A great tip is to bring something cozy for the summit and have enough time to really take every detail in.

“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk. Everyday, I walk myself into a state of well-being & walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. But by sitting still, & the more one sits still, the closer one comes to feeling ill. Thus if one just keeps on walking, everything will be alright.”

Søren Kierkegaard