Lofoten before Christmas Eve

Lofoten before Christmas - there's not much that will help with the world-known stress levels rising before Christmas, but we know what will - spending time in a rorbu cabin at Svinøya. Travel to the Lofoten Islands to experience traditional Christmas markets and the Northern Lights and get the festive spirit started.

In Lofoten, you can enjoy hikes in the beautiful scenery and when the night comes, if you’re lucky, the northern lights will be dancing in the sky with its reflection in the fjords. After a day with a refill of the fresh autumn breeze, it is always nice returning to your heated cabin. Light some candles and just relax. Before dining in our restaurant you can enjoy our floating Sauna.

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Christmas Markets

Only 30 minutes by car from Svinøya Rorbuer you can find the fishing village, Henningsvær. From early November, this fishing village is brought back to life again after the busy summer season. The streets are decorated with Christmas lights, and all shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants are welcoming you to their Christmas Market, Førjulseventyret, which can be translated to a pre-Christmas fairytale or adventure. Shop for unique Christmas presents from the local handcrafter shops, whiz down the streets on kicksleds with or without wheels depending on snow conditions, and enjoy locally produced traditional Christmas food and sweets. There are activities and events for all ages every weekend, you can try glassblowing, make your own candles, and decorate gingerbread just to mention a few. In 2020 it all begins on the 4th of November and lasts until the 18th of December.

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Lutefisk from Lofoten

In October, the lutefisk season starts in the Lofoten Islands. For those who don’t know, lutefisk is dried cod soaked in lye, a Norwegian specialty. In our restaurant, Børsen Spiseri on Svinøya, we serve local and freshly produced lutefisk from L. Bergs Sønner as soon as the fish is ready. We are very proud to call it local produce, especially as the entire production takes place right outside our kitchen door. Berg’s famous lutefisk is proper craftsmanship served in chop pieces, just the right firm, fantastic taste, and probably the best lutefisk in all of Norway! We know it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas when we enjoy our first lutefisk meal at our famous restaurant Børsen Spiseri.


The annual Christmas Party (In Norwegian: Julebord)

Julebord is the Scandinavian way of a Christmas party, often arranged by employers for their employees but can also be for families and groups of friends. There is no right or wrong way on how to do it, but the main ingredient is the food.

Arranging a Christmas party in Lofoten can be an adventurous experience that you and your crew will remember for a long time. There are many places in Lofoten that offer packages for the annual Christmas party inclusive accommodation, so there is plenty to choose from. But on Svinøya in Svolvær, you can find Lofoten's best-preserved quayside warehouse from the early 1800s, and inside is our restaurant, Børsen Spiseri, where we serve delicious traditional Christmas food to our guests. The venerable warehouse consists of several smaller venues besides the restaurant, should you fancy a private hire alternative. Regardless of your choosing, we can guarantee you some festive spirit!


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