Experience spring in Lofoten

Spring in the Lofoten Islands offers long, bright days, and the most beautiful archipelago in the world has many exciting experiences to share also this time of year. In addition to peak season, the summer months, spring is a calmer time to visit.

There is a lot to discover, both high and low, and whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family. Crystal clear sea and snow-covered mountain tops will provide you with breathtaking contrasts and amazing opportunities.

Experience the mountain tops

Spring is the peak season to experience the altitudes of the Lofoten Islands. With its spectacular mountains, Lofoten is made for ski touring and there is nowhere else in the world that can offer the panoramic views of the sea and the majestic mountains in the same way Lofoten can.

Imagine looking straight down at the shore before you ski down the mountain on the dry and crunchy corn snow. Only to be described by those who have been.

The Lofoten Islands has tracks for all levels and for any type of skiing you fancy. If this is all new to you, make sure to have a certified guide with you who has the knowledge, and experience, of the mountains and the local snow conditions. Talk to the locals before you head out, and Svinoya Rorbuer is more than happy to assist you in arranging your experience of the Lofoten Islands mountain tops.

Topptur lofoten

Fishing in the Lofoten Islands

Exploring the sea is another activity you can do when visiting the Lofoten Islands in spring. A must do is to embark on a fishing trip by boat, this is a memorable experience and suitable for all ages. Fishing in the Lofoten Islands is a central part of Lofotens history, and at Svinoya in Svolvaer we have been welcoming fishermen for almost 200 years.

When you visit Lofoten, being able to fish your own dinner is a great pleasure to experience. Svinøya Rorbuer offers packages including accommodation and professional fishing guides with local knowledge. Become a true Lofoten-fisherman for a day!

Camillaskrei low

Experience the midnight sun

At the end of May, you can experience the magical midnight sun. Close to midnight, from its low position in the sky, the sun will be spreading a golden light over the coast and the mountains of Lofoten. It is easy to get confused about what time it is, it can even confuse the locals. There are different ways you can enjoy the beautiful view. Perhaps you’re standing on top of a mountain, sitting in the sand on one of Lofotens many white beaches, perhaps you are kayaking or maybe playing golf? The opportunities are many, and Svinøya Rorbuer is pleased to share with you their favorite and best spots to experience this natural phenomenon, the midnight sun.

Midnattssol Hov

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