Svolværgeita - will you climb it?

A world-class experience! Two of our employees decided last summer to try one of Lofoten’s most spectacular experiences.

CEO and owner of Svinøya Rorbuer, Ola Skjeseth (48), and the chief marketing officer, Camilla Haukås Skjeseth (25), also father and daughter, decided to contact Lofoten’s most experienced mountain guide with incredible 773 times up Svolværgeita for their next adventure. Geir Rune Holm is from Svolvær, he’s been guiding guests of all ages, with the youngest being only 6 years old and the oldest 71 years. Ola has previously made the leap, but that 18 years ago, and Camilla has never been up there before. The excitement began already when the decision was made.

One for the books

The day had finally arrived and our mountain guide had asked us to meet in the parking lot below Svolværgeita, only a 15-20 minute walk from Svinøya Rorbuer. It was mid-June and the weather was good, light showers and low wind, and the highest peaks were still covered by snow - which provided some wonderful contrasts.

Geir Rune met us at the agreed time in the parking lot and we were given the necessary safety equipment that we put in our respective hiking bags. In advance, we’d already let Geir Rune know of our shoe size and other information he’d needed. The clothing for today’s climb and weather conditions was regular hiking gear.

Hopp Svolvaergeita6

The climb

The excitement down at the parking lot certainly got real when we stared up at the spectacular rock formation of the Goat, where the two horns are stretched 355 meters above sea level. We followed a nice path towards our goal, and today, a fantastic sherpa staircase has been built here and made it even better. We reached the foot of Svolværgeita after just a 35-minute walk. Arriving at the spot where we would begin the climbing, we could see four girls climbing their way up. Before it was our turn, we had to put on climbing straps, helmets, and climbing shoes, and as we did, it all became more real, and our smiles grew bigger and bigger. We looked very much forward to embarking the climb.

From the foot of the Goat, we had an amazing view over Svolvaer, and by looking left we could see the idyllic Svinøya, the home of our cabins, but we also knew when we’d reach the summit the view would be even more amazing.

We had to wait a while so the girls climbing before us,could finish, then it was finally our turn. According to Geir Rune, some waiting had to be expected due to climbing. Svolværgeita is a popular activity also for experienced climbers.

Hopp Svolvaergeita8

We were led safely and secure by Geir Rune up the side of the steep mountain, which surprisingly was a fairly easy climb. There were good grips for both hands and feet the whole route, and as we approached the peak, the altitude gave us a solid taste of what we had in store.

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After approximately 20 minutes of climbing, we’d reached the top, safely secured where we sat on the tallest of the horns with the biggest smiles on our faces. WHAT A VIEW over Svolvær, Vestfjorden, and the best workplace in the world, Svinøya Rorbuer.

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The leap on Svolværgeita

Geir Rune jumped quickly over to the second of the horns and did the preparations needed before we were next. Which one of us would go first? Camilla was quick and wanted to go first. Of course, the youngster wanted to show off.

Geir Rune calmly and professionally instructed where exactly the jump should be taken from and where to aim for landing. Once equipment once again was double-checked and secured, the go was given to Camilla. She was deeply concentrated, aimed, then jumped! I could hear her screams of excitement almost before she landed. It was roaring with adrenaline and eudaimonia. Now it was Ola’s turn. He could definitely feel that it was 18 years since last time. And back then, he basically jumped without any time to think first. This time around, he’d been watching his daughter jump first and built up some more tension. Perhaps a bit too much as the landing was followed by a little fall. It raised some drama but all in all it went well. They could probabøy hear our cheers all the way down to Svinøya. This sense of achievement mixed with pride and adrenaline - it’s beyond words.

Watch the video from when Ola and Camilla took the leap on Svolværgeita

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A world-class experience!

To rappel down from the horns to where we’d not long ago had begun our climbing was very exciting and a lot of fun as well! Have to admit, we felt like proper mountain climbers when we walked back down to the parking lot.

What an experience to jump from one horn to the other! A fantastic adventure that gave father and daughter a real adrenaline kick and a memory of a lifetime! A world-class experience!

We are incredibly pleased that we made the decision to try this activity, and that we did it together. Our conclusion is that as long as you’re not particularly afraid of heights, we can safely recommend this experience to our guests.

Our mountain guide, Geir Rune Holm, took some amazing photos throughout the whole trip that he shared with us only a few hours after we returned. Our experience of Geir Rune as a guide is that he’s extremely professional, and we felt safe and in good hands from start to finish.

It’s obvious that he knows Svolværgeita very well, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he could climb the Goat blindfolded. Great service! Thank you so much, Geir Rune!

Will you take the leap this summer?

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