Surfing in Lofoten

Surfing in Lofoten with accommodation in rorbu in Svolvær.


  • 2 nights in twin room in rorbu.
  • Beginner lesson, 4 hours.*
  • Rented equipment, 1 day (board, wetsuit)

*Beginner lesson: We begin the first lesson by teaching the basics of surfing; safety, surf etiquette, wave dynamics, how to paddle a surfboard, catching a wave and how to stand up and ride a wave. Each of our surf lessons operates with its own unique focus, however, our beginner surfing lessons emphasizes safety and the basic surfing fundamentals.

Lesson and rental through Unstad Arctic Surf. The participants will have free access to shower and coffee at the camp of Unstad Arctic Surf.

The time of the lesson and rental will be confirmed the day before. This to take wave and tidal conditions in to cinsideration. In some cases the lesson may be moved to the beach at Ramberg.

Transport from Svolvær to Unstad is based on use of own car/rental car, and is not included in the price.