Leap on Svolvaergeita

Take the summer's coolest challenge?

Svolvaergeita (The Svolvær goat) in Svolvær is an exciting guided climb that is well outside the comfort zone of most, but that can be safely recommended if you do not have too much fear of heights.

Overnight in rorbu including a leap on Svolværgeita from NOK 4198, - per person.

From the top of the horns you get a spectacular view of Svolvær, the surrounding mountains and “Vestfjorden”. You will also see the rorbu on Svinøya you have rented for your stay in Svolvær. The feeling when you reach the top, and possibly dare to jump Svolvaergeita from one horn to the other, is almost indescribable.

Our guide takes amazing pictures from the whole trip that you will receive a few hours after the tour is over. The guide is very professional, and you will feel safe all the way.