Accommodation in Lofoten

Do you dream of a holiday in Lofoten? We give you 5 good reasons to choose Svinøya Rorbuer as your base in Lofoten.

1) Accommodations in different sizes and standards

Our resort Svinøya Rorbuer has a total of approx. 50 different rental units, with a total of approx. 240 beds. We have a nice collection of both original rorbu cabins, modern seaside lodges, historic houses, apartments and the luxury historical Manor House. Each unit has one to 4 bedrooms that fit up to 8 people in each cabin. So you can find something that suits you whether you travel alone or in bigger groups. See an overview of all our different units here.

2) Local food at Børsen Spiseri

Svinøya Rorbuer has one of Lofoten's most renowned restaurants. Børsen Spiseri is housed in a venerable quayside warehouse dating back to 1828, and considerable emphasis has been placed on maintaining the building’s original features. Both meat and fish dishes are served here, with a focus on local ingredients. The restaurant is privileged to have a fish factory right outside the door so that our chefs can pick out the finest fish. In November 2020, Børsen Spiseri received a very good review from Here you can eat breakfast and dinner.

Restaurant Børsen Spiseri

Local food can be enjoyed with a great atmosphere at restaurant Børsen Spiseri.

3) A variety of activities

When you book accommodation with us, you will also have the opportunity to book activities before or during your stay. In collaboration with local activity providers, we offer world-class experiences and activities that give memories for life.

Artikkel Rorbuferie i Lofoten 1

We offer a variety of activities in collaboration with local suppliers.

4) Close to Svolvær main square

Svinøya is just over a kilometer from the main square of Svolvær with all facilities. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk from Svinøya and into Svolvær center. So at Svinøya you can stay in a vibrant fishing village, while living close to the center with a large selection of restaurants, galleries, and shopping opportunities.

Artikkel Rorbuferie i Lofoten 14

Svinøya is just over a kilometer from the center with all facilities.

5) Original rorbu cabins and local history

In several places in Lofoten, the fisherman's cabins, "rorbu", that were used by the fishermen are well taken care of and you can rent and stay in such a rorbu cabin. Svinøya is a well-preserved fishing village and here you can live in an original rorbu cabin. We have preserved many of the old rorbu cabins that were used by visiting fishermen and in 1993 the first rorbu cabin were restored for the purpose of renting out to tourists. All original rorbu cabins have been renovated and adapted to today's standards. Read more about the history behind the iconic red rorbu cabins here.

Artikkel Rorbuferie i Lofoten 12

The rorbu cabins on Svinøya have previously been used by visiting fishermen.

In addition to the original rorbu cabins, the trading pier from 1828 is well preserved. Here you will find Svolvær's first shop, "Krambua". We have preserved most of the constructions and you really get to experience what the building looked like almost 200 years ago. "Krambua" is today our reception. For our efforts to safeguard and disseminate the important coastal cultural history of Lofoten, Svinøya Rorbuer has been awarded the Norwegian Cultural Heritage quality label, "Olavsrosa".